About Us

Eastern Carpets owned by both Shukor and Edmund who have a combined experience in the trade of more than 50 years, are located on the 3rd level of Raffles City Shopping Centre retailing in fine handknotted carpets.

Both Shukor and Edmund have made it a personal mission to travel to the cities, villages and settlements of the vast region of Central Asia to select carpets first hand, so only the finest quality are presented at their showroom and auctions. In addition they partake in the largest International Trade Fair in Hanover - Germany and assemble award winning examples that are seldom seen in Singapore.

Their passion for carpets has also lead them to devote themselves towards learning the ancient art of carpet weaving, which means they not only sell carpets, but are also well able to advise on any questions one may have on carpet buying and maintenance.

It is also a persistent belief of theirs to purvey their knowledge and expertise to their client and to that end, they have personally written a book "The Handmade Carpet" a handsomely bound and personally autograph copy of which is presented to their clients at their Raffles City showroom and auctions.

In addition they conduct appreciation talks and 'fun' auctions to various clubs and organizations in Singapore and throughout Asia at the same time donating part of proceeds to their development programs and charities.