Other Services

In addition to carpet maintenance we also offer

    Lectures, Demonstrations & Exhibitions
  • We take pride in sharing our knowledge and insights with our clients.

    We organize lectures at no charge for interested groups who want to refine their appreciation of handmade carpets.
    Professional Advice
  • Our expert will advise you to buy a carpet only after you have thought about where you plan to use it, the colur or design you want and your budget. We sometimes invite you to take a chosen carpet home without obligation where you can see it in your own setting and lighting.

Services Offered By Eastern Carpets

Buying and Selling
Our seller advise you to buy the right carpet, while keeping in mind, where you plan to use it, the colour or design you want and your budget.

We provide valuation of carpets for the purpose of insurance, for damage claims, present market value and valuation for heirloom carpets.

Care and Maintenance
Eastern Carpets provides cleaning and restoration services. Your carpet needs to be cleaned at least once in two years in order to keep in optimum condition.

Repair & Restoration
We provide expert restoration services for damaged carpets, which is carried out in-house by our professional restorer.

Packing & Transportation
We provide experienced based instruction to pack and store your hand-knotted carpet, even if only a short distance is involved.

Edmund and Shukor have a combined experience of more than 35 years conducting auctions in Singapore, and within the region.